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Life Journey

Chapter 1: Life Before The Cancer Strike !!


Hey Guys ! I am Stu, a Delhite and I am  gonna share the journey of my mother fighting against cancer physically, mentally and most importantly emotionally. You must be pre-assuming the victim to be me myself. Real victim was my Mother but even I wasn’t spared of the trauma of cancer. We are usually sympathized towards the victim only but when Cancer leave its traces on the whole family just like mine.

Through this blog, I would like to share how Cancer changes our life now and then, how do I cope up with emotional imbalances of my mother and how to enjoy your journey of Cancer and not fearing out of it. Cancer is a fear and fear’s good for nothing. Someone once quoted “what doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger “. So instead of fearing from it , me and my mother choose to embrace the pain and burn it as a fuel for the journey ahead.

Signs of Cancer

I can still recall the time when it all started with my keen observation for my mother’s bad health. One day when I returned from the office from my usual life schedule, I witness abnormal symptoms in my mother that I have never witnessed before. Swelling in her eyes, numbness in her hands, her legs became wobbly and her face was paled due to extreme tiredness. Her stamina was almost dropped and she hardly managed to get the veggies from “sabjiwalas” downstairs.

I was observing this all past a few weeks but ignoring it thinking it could be work but that was my biggest ignorance in life till date. One Sunday I firmly made my mind to book an appointment with the gynecologist for a routine checkup. As she was absolutely assuming it to be work pressure, she refused at first but somehow I convinced her to go on her to the doctor and she did respect that word of mine.

Initial Diagnosis

When I arrived and asked her for results, she seemed a little more pale than earlier and told me doc told her for some of the tests done.       She found an unusual lump near her breast area and suspected it to be cancerous.“Melignant cells” as they re framed it for me in medical terms. Mother was scared a little from outside and a lot inside but I relieved her saying it to be a medical procedure only. I scheduled her for the appointments for the listed tests another day. I was highly curious and crossing my fingers over the test results.

Being an Engineer by education and Business Manager by profession, no results were  much awaited (nor my engineering results or my sales targets !). As they were for my mother but who knows what was in the destiny box coming for us. The box exploded and it was exploded for both Good and Bad. Checkout in next blog what happens next…..

“You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have!!!

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