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Check your Bumps for Lumps !

Need for Early Cancer Detection

With each year passing by, the number of people detected with Cancer has been increasing in folds. Cancer is curable if detected at an early stage (Stage 1). But most of people skip these stage as they were unable to detect the early signs of Cancer. This makes them more vulnerable towards complex treatments and less survival rates. People who are detected with Stage 1 Cancer have got 99% surviva

l rate.

This calls for a need of regular examination and health checkups to avoid Cancer or to curb it at early stage. In this post, I would like to discuss 10 visible alarming signs your body show towards its vulnerability to Cancer.

     Alarming Signs of Cancer

1) Unusual Bleeding or Discharge in Urine

While peeing, if you observe any blood spots or unusual discharge coming out (if you’r not down!), don’t ignore. It could be a probable symptom for Kidney/Liver Cancer or any serious infection. Seek medical advice from a trusted Gynecologist.

2)  Indigestion or Difficulty in Swallowing the food 

Indigestion seems quite common issue with the people these days. Late sitting hours, fatigue and no workouts can lead to indigestion at times. That’s quite common and nothing to worry about. But if the problem persists over a considerable period of time, it serves as a cause to many deadly diseases. Seek Medical advice from trusted doctor and don’t skip on your monthly Ultrasounds!

3) Appearance of Tiny Mole  type Spots in Skin

If you observe tiny red spots (just like moles) on your face or body, don’t ignore them. Don’t confuse it with Acne. The tiny spots occur in conjugation. Seek medical advice from a trusted doctor.

4) Sore Throat or Recurrent Cough

This can appear to be a symptom of Tuberculosis but it can be a probable symptom of Cancer too. So seek a medical help ASAP.

5) Thickening or Lump formation in Breast or elsewhere in Body 

Try to physically examine your body for any lump or thickening (if any) in any part of your body. Women must not ignore if felt near breast as Breast Cancer is most prevalent form of Cancer in India. Get the lump diagnosed and Mammogram test done to see if the lump is Cancerous or not.  Your Gynecologist shall recommend this test and it’s available at all the diagnostic labs near you.

Note: If you have any Cancer patient before in your family or relatives, you shall be more prone to this type of Cancer. Get yourself diagnosed with Mammogram every 3 months. Cancer can be genetic too. 

6) Abnormal or Prolong Pain in Abdomen or Head

If  you are suffering from endless pain in abdomen area and in head, you shall be vulnerable to fatal disease. If it would be due to lifestyle changes and stress, it would be short lived. But if the pain is persistent, you need a medical diagnosis ASAP.

7) Wound that doesn’t Heal

If your wound isn’t healing from long, you better get ready for a doctor visit. People suffering from Diabetes usually suffer low immunity and low healing power. A doctor’s advice can help you knowing the actual cause of symptom.

8) Irregular Mensuration Cycles

Periods get delayed? Do your periods persists  even after 5 days of usual cycle? Do your periods get skipped more often? If answer to all or any of your queries is positive, Then its a high time you should consult your trusted Gynecologist. Get checked for Cancer detection or any Cist formation in Fallopian tube.

9) Loss of Weight

Who doesn’t love weight loss? Ladies tend to skip on meals and bear heavy workouts to encounter a perfect body figure. But “Weight Loss can be hazardous” at times. If you  are consistently loosing pounds, feel weak or stamina drop, then it needs a medical attention ASAP. Not every weight loss is spectacular!

10) Swelling or Puffiness in Eyes

speaking out of personal experience, my mother exhibit this symptom that she used to consider as fatigue of daily chores. Nowadays we spent endless hours in front of our digital devices and swelling in eyes is a common symptom for almost all the people including students and working professionals. If you have Cancer, your eyes seem to be drier and swelled despite of a healthy living.

A few of the symptoms (as discussed above) are common and often surpassed by many of us. This is the prime cause of getting vulnerable to Cancer and  other Chronic diseases.

Not Every Weed  that Sprouts, Is Visible 

So ways of prevention here are Self Examination , Healthy Diet and Routine Checkups.

Hope you liked the word of advice and if you have any queries, drop it in comment section below. ….. I am awaiting your likes to write more on this……

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