Cancer Blues

Do Sins or Bad Deeds cause Cancer?

Gotcha Red Handed…

Well, don’t get goosebumps because I haven’t started yet. I am not a monk and neither calculating anyone’s sins. We all are sinful in a one way or other. But what if our sins can lead us to a painful fatal disease?

Do we all rot in hell of Cancer?

Haunting of Sins

We have often heard this from our elders advising us to be a good person or we will fall sick. As per their old school thoughts, illness is directly associated with the sins you have commited in past.

It is more or less punishment for bad actions or thoughts.

What if its true………

If this were true, though, the earth will be inhabitedby aliens only and all humans shall rest in peace.

And how are the religious senators going to justify, a 6-month-old or the newborn who gets cancer? These little ones haven’t been that bad sinners after all. They don’t get so much time to commit one…though.

Relieving Truth

There’s absolutely no evidence that you get cancer because you deserve it.

It’s good to be religious but not superstitious!!

Cancer is a caused due to abnormal growth of cells inside body and no sins can accelerate their growth…no scientist has proven this so far …. so relax

Avoid doing sins, love being a sinner !

Solution to all your probs…

And if your sins are still haunting you, the only solution is to try, not committing one.

Either you are god fearing or not, then try cultivating good nature and good thoughts about others. Try helping people and not getting involved in any sinful activity.

By doing so, you’ll surely get to the heaven and moksha, as your elders say. A little price to pay for a great future.

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