Cancer Blues

Can Men also Get Breast Cancer?

Why should men have all the fun? Time to get little scared.


Well, you all have been thinking that men don’t have breasts, so at least they are spared from the dread of Breast Cancer. But is it a myth or an undigested truth, Let’s find out.

True Fact

Each year it is estimated that approximately 2,190 men will be diagnosed with breast cancer and 410 will die.

Both males and females are born with some Breast cells and tissues in the body. So, one doubt’s clear that men also have got Breast!

Where’s there Breast, Put Them On Test!

even though male’s Breasts do not produce milk, the Breast cells and tissues still can develop the risk for Breast Cancer.

Even The Men Are Not Spared By Horror

It’s rare to for male to have Breast Cancer but still, the risk percentage is significant.

As the study suggests, 1 out of 1000 Men is likely to develop Breast Cancer. Though the figure seems minuscule, the risk is pretty cosmic. We are ironically breathing in the adulterated zone where all the stuff, that we consume, breathe-in and utilize are contaminated in some way.

The mortality rate in Men seems to be higher than Women.

This happens primarily because Men are less aware and less likely to assume the normal lump in Breast to be a sign of Breast Cancer. Less awareness will lead to delay in detection and delay in treatment.

Men are always portrayed to be physically and mentally strong. This doesn’t portray them to be disease-free. After all they are breathing in same zone as women do.

Consumption of adulterated food accompanied by unhealthy demented lifestyle, are causing exponential enhancements in our disease-prone certainties. Who know in coming few years, this figure shall be 100 out of 1000 men.

Remedy for Remorse

So, now when we have realized the momentum of the issue, we shall avoid it by being precautious and aware.

Breast cancer is not something inevitable. It can be avoided or controlled if keenly monitored. I am not saying that everyone who has Breast will have Breast Cancer but surely you can reduce the risk of getting it in your entire life span .

One Disease avoided is a life regained!

Awareness and Detection of Breast Cancer does most of the job. I will be assisting all men out there, how can you Check Your Bumps for Lumps! in my next post.

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