Cancer Blues

Can Injuries or Bruises Put you in Danger of Cancer?

Bleeding Myth

Do you remember how many times you got hurt since the day you landed on Earth?

I personally can’t count upon the times I fell, got cuts, bruises and also the number of times when I tested my bones to break others. My grandpa used to say this “You’ll never learn to stand up until you’ll fall down”. This statement brought an exponential increase in my injuries. As they say:

“chot acchi hoti h !

Skip the humor! Can our injuries haunt us for developing Cancer? Can a person with some serious injuries be a Cancer victim? This is a common fears that people develop out of nowhere.

Healing Truth

Fact is that falls, bruises, broken bones, or other such injuries have no linking to Cancer. No studies or clinical researches so far proclaimed the fact that injuries can be a cause of Cancer. All people who are already injured or going to get injured (god forbid! don’t take personally), shall rest in peace (means peace of mind..don’t take otherwise!) and avoid social aunties to create a fuss in your minds.

What makes people relate the injuries with Cancer

  • You shall call it a coincidence or bad luck by chance that a person might have visited a health care unit for diagnosing injury and indeed Cancer is diagnosed.

But is it okay to blame the injury? Or it might have let you get checked for a bigger unseen danger knocking from within. The injury didn’t cause Cancer, it was already there. It just forthbrings the fact that you are more wrecked from the inside than from outside. It’s similar to blaming the person who has brought you to the hospital (after you witnessed a major accident) for all that mishappened with you. He didn’t hurt you but he brought you the right place to get the treatment sooner.

  • Some misinterpreted coincidences can jeopardize you to be a Cancer victim. Sometimes terrified persons, in hunt of the reason behind the development of Cancer, might co-relate a remembered injury that happened long ago in the place Cancer was detected.

If you get a cut in your finger, then will it going to bleed after a year or might develop an infection after 5 years? In most of the cases, the repercussions of the injury caused are short-lived depending upon the intensity of injury and area/organ affected. Very rarely, your past injuries can haunt you after a long time and I hope none of you will ever become that special. So Cancer is not related to the outer injuries as it occurs at the cellular level!

An injury is not just

A Process of Recovery, Its

A Process of Discovery

– Conor McGregorr

Smile Break! Now smile a little , flew off your worries and like us here so that I can keep up this torture on you !

Exception to the Truth

Rarely, but unfairly, burn scars can be a possible site of Cancer many years after the burn has healed. Most often, Burn scars can cause Skin Cancer to develop at the affected area of burns.

For a longer life, Your Only Key is

Your Safety!

We all shall be cautious and preventive not to get easily hurt, not sure about emotional aspect but at least physically it could be averted.

Be safe and keep your loved ones safe! Stay tuned for more updates!

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