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Is Your Weight Increasing Your Cancer Risk?

When was the last time you step on the weighing machine? Okay Don’t worry answer this. When was the last time weighing machine actually scream out: “You’r outta my radar!”? ‘Weight’ is as heavy as you all are. Oops! don’t take it on your belly. We are not meant to spell on your good health. Though there’s a fine line between good health and obesity, some over-English literate take it as synonyms.

Fatty Myth

Today’s rapid marathon’s life has turned us into zombies. We are
following the regimen of partaking more unhealthy foods, eat bigger food portions, and be less active. Our tummies have turned into junkyards that stinks too (if you know what I mean!).

1 out of 3 people in India are obese and these numbers are going to beat the population of the fit people in India. This is no side thoughts that obesity and weight itself poses a grave danger for not only Cancer but plenty of fatal diseases.

Greasy Hazards

Obesity is generally accompanied with grave factors that bleed grease. Let’s explore some of those grave fears:

  • Overweight and obese people, on average, have shorter life span people than the ones who stay at a healthy body weight throughout their lives

Life Is Heavier Than Your Weight…

Be Lite Live Lighter!!

– I, Me & Myself
  • Children are more endangered than adults for getting obese. Among children and teens, about 17% are now obese. This number is going to be exponential higher than it was a few decades ago, although it has leveled off in recent years.

No Goal Was Ever Met

Without a Little Sweat!

– Unknown Wise Man
  • Unconstrained weight gain may pave the path for fatal heart diseases, high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, as well as asthma, sleep disorders, Type 2 Diabetes, muscle, and joint pains.
  • Obese children and teens are also at higher risk for social and psychological problems, such as discrimination, low confidence, poor posture and poor self-esteem.
  • In the opinion of some researchers, Weight gain may not be a direct cause of Cancer but it might indirectly pose serious health hazards that might lead to Cancer. Though the shreds of evidence in support are weak, but obesity could be related to Cancer.

I’m not fat,

I’m just damn hot that it overflows!

– Mid-Age Hotties

All the hotties, give a thumbs up to this post and share with other hotties too. Your love is all motivation I need:

  • Grave concern for obese teenage girls and middle-aged women is the irregularity in menstrual period cycles. The danger is not confined to this only, but it might extend its roots to interfere with your Menopause and Fertility. A major segment of obese middle-aged women has reported having Early Menopause while others facing difficulty in conceiving naturally. (IVF’s are seeing a great opportunity here!)
  • Obesity hasn’t spared men either. All the men out there with flabby belly pop outs, you should also put a check on your calorie intake that is feeding your belly. Weight gain is causing infertility in males and other sexual disorders.

One article won’t be able to enclose all the hazards of weight gain. I hope you have got a broader picture of threats that our flabby masses are posing to us. Luckily weight control is not as tough as everyone thinks. I will be sharing some super easy tricks for weight loss while clinging to your usual routine life.

Stay tuned with me for latest updates and I wish you all a healthy & disease-free journey called life.

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