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Sleeping In Your Bra Can Cause Breast Cancer?


Hello Lovely Ladies! Bra is a crucial part of every woman’s attire. It represents the pride and confidence of a woman. As a matter of fact, your inner wear defines your fashion statement. the lady with a firm breast looks more confident than the ones with saggy breast. It is found in studies that women with droopy breast usually suffer from low self-esteem and poor confidence.

So by now, you must have fallen in love with your underwire B’s again as they not only uplift your Breast but your Confidence too. People are getting cautious about wearing Bra due to its association with the Breast Cancer (Objection My Lord!). I have cleared this fact with clinical proof in my last article. Have you taken a bite of it?

Saggy Myth

As per the myth, wearing your bra every night or for too long daily prevents the skin pores from being able to breathe. Sweat accumulates and cultivates the growth of toxins which is believed to be a cause of Breast Cancer.

It’s Hailing Truth Allulia!

I just don’t understand why people waste their scripting skills, even when they can fabricate amazing folk-tales. The one I heard across in my teenage by my mom who always advised me for breaking up with my B’s at night or else I got Breast Cancer & blah blah blah problems.

Just think once men can get breast cancer too and surely they don’t wear bras. It wouldn’t make sense if bra-wearing was a leading cause of breast cancer, then men shall be spared.

You all be glad to hear that the myth is nothing but a bedtime story to bet and forget. This stated version of wearing Bra at night has been excused as implausible by leading cancer organizations. So aggregating the veracity, let’s reinstate:

  • Sleeping in a Bra will not make a girl’s breasts perkier or prevent them from getting saggy. (This is one’s choice !)
  • Sleeping in Bra will not hinder your Breast growth. (The ones with small breasts shouldn’t be worrying now!)
  • Wearing Bra in bed will not cause Breast Cancer.
  • Underwire Bras & Sports Bra both can be worn without hesitation of any health issue.

Sound Breast Always Rest In A Sound Bra!

Likewise, a sound body is needed to carry a sound soul, Healthy Bra is needed to rest a Healthy Breast. (Vow! I am getting poetic!) We are not debating over the fact that one should wear a Bra in Bed or not since it is an individual’s choice as per their comfort belt. A large section of women still loves to sleep in their favorite Bra as they find it comfortable while they toggle around the corners of the bed. (Some people are proactive in dreams!)

Where’s there’s a B, There’s Bane!’ Wearing Bra (Correct Bra!) is not a possible genesis of Breast Cancer. What if your Bra is a misfit and a trouble-maker?

Up to 80 percent of women are wearing the incorrect cup or band size in India.

Wearing Bra is hazardous if your Bra doesn’t fit you well. We should all scrutinize the ill effects of wearing ill-size Bras.

  • Ill-fitting Underwire bra, being a rigid mold, is not versatile with the changes in Breast sizes. Henceforth, it cannot properly support the Breasts leading to discomfort and pain in Breast.
  • Women with larger Breast are more likely to wear Underwire Bras. The choice of Bra shall be made as per comfort and all you busty ladies instead can opt for Cotton Bras to avoid stiffness.
  • Wearing Tight Bras in Bed can lead to friction, irritation, and damage to the area of the skin where the hooks and straps of the bra rub against your skin.
  • Wearing too Tight Sports Bra To gym can hinder the pores to breathe and constrained sweat in one area causing serious skin problems & allergies.

What can be done…

If wearing a bra to bed helps you rest easier, feel free to strap in without hesitation. Just make sure you are wearing a correct one. If your Bra is causing you pain, irritation or discomfort by any means, its time to look for a suitable sized Bra.

Try replacing your Underwire Bras with Cotton Bras as they are ore comfortable and adaptable to changing Breast sizes. Though you can still save your Underwires for occasions and rest in your best Cotton Bras.

As they say and I reinstate, ‘One should always sleep like a baby!’ Babies usually sleep naked (Skip the diapers. We don’t need them…). The proclaimed physicians emphasize on sleeping naked or in bare clothing as our body rejuvenates at night and sleeping naked ensures proper blood flow without any constriction. That’s enough of wisdom for the day. Let’s catch up soon uncovering some more folk-tales about Cancer.

Are you missing something? Yes you do! You forgot to uplift me along with your B’s for coming up with more knowledge. Shower your feedback here. Your comments are much awaited.

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