Corona Myth Busters 2.0

“Work For A Cause, Not For Applause. …”

To the date, I think I might be able to flush off some of the myths from your brains. I hope now both elders and kids are having blast, utilizing your mobile data to fullest, soaking in sun or unsoiling your air conditioners because there is no AC man to help you with.

So Myth Busters 2.0 comes up with some more myth balloons that I missed bursting up in trailing blog. That were starters and here comes the main course… but my friends keep a room for desserts too… let’s jot down all the myths on toilet paper and shove it up… you know where!

“Let everyone sweep in front of his own door, and the whole world will be clean.” 

You shall like to grab some bits of the information about Cancer, Diabetes, Obesity, Smoking and still counting……Love is contagious, so is kindness and so is COVID19.

Disclaimer: Intentions are constrained to educate millennials & eliminate the myths. Accept apologies for something you disapprove of…. Hell… I am not a scientist! 

Order ! Order! Silence …..Session Continues……

Myth 5: Pneumonia Vaccines effective in fighting Coronavirus?


Myth Buster:  Pneumonia vaccines by the name of pneumococcal and Hib (Haemophilus influenzae type b) vaccines are not effective in dealing with Coronavirus. The Coronavirus is one of its own kind and our body’s army needs some new arms and ammunition to fight those zombie viruses. WHO is putting up all its efforts to develop the vaccine to fight COVID19 and soon it will be launched for millennials to get their bodily armies ready.

Though the efficacy of these vaccines against COVID19 is questionable, they are still recommended to build up immunity against respiratory illness but only if the medical practitioner states so. Many countries are nowadays trying their hands on vaccination against dengue. 

These vaccinations are not capable of fighting Coronavirus but surely they can aid in fostering the body’s immunity to battle for a little longer

Myth 6: If not Pneumonia vaccines, then are there any other vaccines  to treat it?


Myth Buster: To be truthful, no such vaccination has been floated yet. WHO is trying its best to step on the research and development team’s endeavors. There was a buzz in the media that researchers soon will be getting the COVID19 vaccinations for the clinical trials. 

 believe that the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you. – Joyce Meyer

For now, we just need to do a self-diagnosis for the symptoms of COVID19 and receive appropriate care for treating off all those unwanted symptoms. In severe cases, you must let the nearby health care authorities know about this and move to quarantine centers to protect your family and others from you. To date, we are self-servicing our health issues and we are bonded to ourselves like never before.

Myth 7:  Ingesting Garlic can help in avoiding contamination with Coronavirus?

Pic credits: Sebastien Marchand

Myth Buster: The Garlic is often denoted as the “Father Of Western Medicine”. Corona or no Corona, Garlic anyway needs no denomination for its medicinal benefits. It’s highly nutritious with capabilities to combat the sickness and boost the functioning of the immune system.

Eat to live, not live to eat.

Considering the medicinal benefits against the major risk factors of the body, it goes without saying that Garlic indeed potentially affects your longevity. Having said all, still no research yet defines its efficacy against Coronavirus outbreak but you should better consider it for its additional medicinal benefits.

It’s no harm sharpening your sword for small wars at least!

Myth 8:Rubbing Alcohol or Sprinkling Chlorine on your body bail you out of COVID19?


Myth Buster: Coronavirus once enters the body can’t be diluted by either of them. Chlorine or Alcohol can be used as a disinfectant on outer surfaces but with guidance. It clearly rules out that the direct use of alcohol or chlorine on the body is rather hazardous.

Pandemics are Earth cleansers.

The use of such substances on a skin can’t kill viruses or else can cause harm mostly if it breaks into eyes or mouth. Spraying alcohol-based products on the skin are avoided, that’s why most products nowadays are alcohol-free except alcohol itself (winking!).

Myth 9: Consuming Alcohol can minimize the risk of COVID19?

 COVID19 pandemic drastically increased the demand for the cocktails. Corona or no Corona, alcohol consumption is never advisable for human fitness. But during this pandemic phase, it’s more severe to consume as we are preparing ourselves to fight Coronavirus and Alcohol can create a hindrance.  

 Alcohol is the anesthesia by which we endure the operation of life!

Alcohol can increase the risk of getting COVID19 as it weakens the immune system of the body. Scientists are trying day and night to make immunity boosters against Coronavirus and a glass of alcohol can ruin the only immunity your body poses. The other risky behaviors of the alcoholics can put them in the sphere of Corona. Their mind will not be able to follow the precautions they are supposed to follow. Excessive alcohol concentrations in the body can lead to death. Clearly it is a poison, not a vaccine, it will get you to grave anyway.

This ignorant myth about alcohol cost many lives. Who all are propagating this myth? Alcohol lover ovyo!  

 It’s just like fighting a world war with a Dunkard army. Can you fight it? Forget Winning!

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