Hey I am Stu and I am an Engineer and an Optimistic. My Mother was diagnosed with stage 3rd Cancer in 2015 and undergone treatment for 2 years. But surviving Cancer wasn’t the only challenge. Major challenge was to get back to usual life. This blog will help answering all the queries that pops in your mind during or post treatment. Today She is a strong and confident woman living her life better than before. Who says Cancer is a Stigma, I believe it to be a Bliss. This phase taught me a lot about people, relations, behavior, empathy and self inspection.I am a proud daughter to a Cancer Survivor and my goal is to make every cancer patient a happy survivor. This blog will aid you becoming a person, you and the world will be proud of.

Do you wish to know the secret to win over the Cancer completely?

Follow me in the journey of exploring a New You!

I would love to answer all your queries, so don’t hesitate to raise them through comment section……………………..