Corona Myth Busters Part-1

So You Know Everything About Corona?

Corona is grasping the whole world and we are getting the buzz over the news channels who are ready to give flies to some of the misconceptions. But firstly, we must learn about the Corona and its effect on the human body. You must be well aware of the symptoms, hand washes, and masks already. So here is an exclusive piece of information that you might miss out on.

In a nutshell, Coronavirus is amongst the family of flu-like viruses which can range from the common cold to SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome, like the outbreak in 2003). Coronaviruses circulate in animals but some of the species are capable of transmitting between humans and animals.    Coronaviruses affect the respiratory system precisely, lungs and airways.  

COVID-19 has the potential to kill all presidential candidates prior to the election!

The Coronaviruses have caught sight first in China and then spread to other parts of the world or I would say almost the whole world. Though China has already run into many families of viruses, this monster virus is a newbie in the family and hence whooped a Novel (means new) Coronavirus. You must have heard this term in your sponsored ringing tones lately. This showstopper virus has stolen all the charm amongst the most threatening outbreaks in the past (just like Annabelle) is bracketed to “Pandemic”(affected all parts of the world with no vaccination control!). 

The nomenclature of this virus doesn’t halt here but researchers have abbreviated this as “SARS-CoV2” (as the virus genetically resembles the one that caused the outbreak in 2003, though they are not same in nature of spread). At last the illness or disease developed due to exposure to this virus is named as “COVID-19” ( shortcode to 2019 Novel Coronavirus).

Myths Busters About Coronavirus !

Speaking of the myths now, I feel like preaching to the choir.  We all are well aware of prevalent situations but if people turn smart, then where do the media get the buzz from?

Unlike most countries that lack basic human rights, We at India practice “Freedom to Speech” and we are educated enough to be Devil’s Advocate.  Let’s set a session for some arguments. 

Disclaimer: Intentions are constrained to educate millennials & eliminate the myths. Accept apologies for something you disapprove of…. Hell… I am not a scientist! 

Order ! Order! Silence …..Session begins

Myth 1: Coronavirus more grave than the flu?

Myth Buster:  I hope gentlemen might have missed out on news channels lately! On a global level, people have developed immunity against the seasonal flu over a period of time. But the Novel Coronavirus as the name states is one of its own kind and so our body is not immune to this. In severe cases of COVID-19, patients can be subjected to death.

The number of deaths due to Coronavirus is there fold to that of flu, so yes its a way to the grave!

Myth 2: 5G Mobile Networks Spread COVID-19?

Myth Buster: Don’t get fooled by such scamsters, they spread rumors just to avoid buffering videos and use the others data to run PubG smoothly.

Viruses cannot transmit through radio waves. Citing examples, many countries that never heard of 5G and nowadays have an alarming Coronaviruses. It can be spread only through getting in contact with contaminated people or surfaces. Now stream on a movie carefree!

Myth 3: Only young kids & older adults are threatened by COVID-19?

Myth Buster: This is part myth and part fact. The Coronaviruses do not discriminate between age groups, rich or poor, superpowers or developing nations. It’s just like a dinosaur that is roaming around freely in the entire space.

We are witnessing almost every morning, the recorded death rate and it includes people from all age groups. So not only they are threatened but yes they are at higher risk for COVID-19 as the immunity comes into the role play. Older people with pre-existing diseases such as Cancer, Diabetes or Asthma reportedly have low immunity bars to withstand Corona’s rage.

Likewise, Young kids and babies are in their developing phases and their immunity is yet not capable enough of fighting out Coronaviruses. Core is that older adults & younger children need to be more cautious but this doesn’t give leverage to the middle ages. 

Myth 4: Sun rays or higher temperatures kill Coronaviruses? 

Pic Credits: Ace Cazar

Myth Buster: Seasonal dependency of Coronavirus is still questionable. Flu usually crops up in winter months. Like Flu, people are expecting similar seasonality with COVID19. This isn’t lame rumor as various pointers go in favor & against the query. 


  • The outbreak of a virus initiated from China around mid- December and the virus rolled out very quickly.
  • The spread to other countries like the US, Italy & Europe has witnessed a great rising curve in the infected patients and deaths.


  • Almost all the countries get ill-stricken by Coronavirus except Antarctica. It’s a colder region with low temperatures.
  • Even tropical countries are not forbidden by the terror of Corona and numbers are still shooting up. So clearly climatic conditions don’t imply much affect. 

2 in favor and 2 against, it clearly nullifies the argument. COVID-19’s dependency on seasonality is hard to conclude as the virus is too new to make any conclusions as we are still gathering data. Does the law of seasonality apply to the Pandemics?

Or maybe it’s too early to jump to conclusions? We will get this debate continued to an individual writeup about this topic. But for now, I believe that social distancing is our only armor. 

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