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Is Your Cell Phone Ringing Cancer Hazard?

Tring..Tring… Who’s this? I’m Cancer !

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Before falling in dreams, how many of you have set an alarm on the phone to snooze next morning? 

If it’s an affirmative, you may have to reconsider your action.

“Do Cell Phones Cause Cancer?” is a controversial subject amongst the research organizations. Myth or fact, scientists are still debating the association of electromagnetic radiation emitting devices with the cause of Cancer.

The very thought of social distancing with your own cell phone hounds you more than any Pandemic alert. Nowadays we are all being locked down at our places due to Corona Pandemic adhering to the social distancing phenomenon.  In the dire straits, we have our cell phones as our soulmate. What if you get to know that cell phones could pose a health hazard like Cancer which sounds much of a muchness. I have discussed the hazards associated with the devices emitting radiations previously in a post. Food we ate isn’t safe these days. Have you taken a bite of it?

Blend With Science!

It is said that while using the handheld or wireless devices such as mobile phones vent out radio frequency radiation continually even when they are not in use. The actuality lies to the very fact that even while the wireless devices are not actively in use, still they communicate with the cell phones towers 24×7 unless switched off. The drench intensity reaches to max when these devices are placed:

  • Next to your ears while chirping on call!
  • Next to your head while your phone is snoozing the god damn alarm!
  • Close to your face while texting, tweeting or sharing snaps (Selfies absolutely not forbidden!)

And the research is still going on but still it has not yet been manifested the call phone radiations as probable cause of Cancer.

Can 4G/5G Networks Lay Germs Of Cancer?

Although 4G & 5G technologies are improving our lives and communication experiences but researchers are still voicing the concerns for their potential health hazards. 4G /5G networks survive on the higher radio frequency radiation which is actually ionizing radiation that can blow out the chemical bonds.

Even so the health hazards related with these high frequency mobile networks, but studies apparently deny the radio frequency energy to be capable of damaging DNA to cause Cancer. 

Better Safe Than Sorry!

 As per the National Cancer Institute, It has been believed that the cell phones emit radio frequency waves in form of non-ionizing radiation (scientifically, it’s an electromagnetic radiation which doesn’t have enough energy to ionize atoms, and that’s what’s safer on our part!). 

Nevertheless, it doesn’t bypass the truth that the body tissues closest to the cell phones are most likely to absorb this electromagnetic radiation. That’s why the possibility of these cell phone radiations causing risk of malignancy of the cells or in worst case brain tumors. Cancer or No Cancer, people should better be cautious for any future consequences. We can’t get to social distancing with our cell phones, as it will be too much to ask for, but little prevention is better than cure.

An Ounce Of Prevention Is Worth A Pound Of Cure!

While in lockdown period, be cautious by practicing these tricks:

  • Use hands free devices (like headphones or ear plugs) placed at a significant distance from your body.
  • Distant your cell phone from your pillow while you sleep.
  • Avoid putting phone alarms to snooze for long (get your lazy bums off soon!)
  • Never hang cell phones in pockets, hand bands or sports bras during gym sessions.
  • Switch to speaker mode for lengthy conversations on call (calls are free but cure can put a hole in your pocket!)
  • Avoid making calls when signal is low.
  • Limit the kid’s usage of cell phones and other wireless devices.

Hope you guys avoid handshake with cell phones and sustain your relationship with “Namaste”!

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