Cancer Blues

Microwaving Food in Plastic Containers and Wraps can cause Cancer?

Concern: Oops! This seems to cause a tickling in our stomachs. We can’t live a day without our favorite food deliveries and all the food is packaged in takeout containers. The serious question is: Are these ready-to-go services are blowing our lives towards the fatal end?

Fact: Relax! Its nothing wrong with the microwaves but it’s definitely plastic containers inside microwave gives me goosebumps. 

Microwave ovens do not make foods radioactive. Microwave ovens heat food by producing radiation which is absorbed by water molecules in the food. It is very important to wisely choose the utensils for storing the food.

Plastic containers, which are not specifically labeled for Microwave use, could melt and potentially leak chemicals into your food. So avoid microwaving containers that are not labeled for the microwave. 

Beware! Most takeout containers, water bottles, plastic tubs, whipped topping bowls or jars made to hold margarine, yogurt, whipped topping, and foods such as cream cheese, mayonnaise, and mustard are not microwave-safe. 

What can be used in place of plastic containers?

Secondly, if you’re at a steady habit of heating up leftovers; kindly bear the extra effort to transfer them into a microwave-safe glass or stoneware to avoid chemical mixed food. This small advice might save you to consume some extra chemicals into your tummy! 

(trust me you are already consuming loads of it through fresh adulterated food!)

Decide what to eat and make you feel great. 

Thirdly, Don’t put plastic in the dishwasher. Likewise, microwave’s heat, hot water in the dishwasher can too cause chemicals to leach out of plastic, making your serving dishes go toxic and your body infected.Bigger Pie of Advice ……(Worth It!)  

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Lets learn, how you can spare the horror of toxic food intake

  • If you wish to get your food a little hotter, transfer food to glass or ceramic containers labeled for use in microwave ovens.
  • Don’t let plastic wraps get in direct contact with your food during microwaving because it may melt. Wax paper, kitchen parchment paper, white paper towels, or a domed container that fits over a plate or bowl are better alternatives.
  • Most takeout containers, water bottles, and plastic tubs or jars made to hold margarine, yogurt, whipped topping, and foods such as cream cheese, mayonnaise, and mustard are not microwave-safe.
  • Microwavable takeout dinner trays are formulated for one-time use only and not intended for reuse.
  • Old, scratched, or cracked containers, or those that have been microwaved many times, may leach out more plasticizers.
  • Don’t microwave plastic storage bags or plastic bags from the grocery store.
  • Before microwaving food, be sure to vent the container: leave the lid ajar, or lift the edge of the cover.

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