Hope of Survival.
Life Journey

Chapter 4: Hope Is a Waking Dream…..

Everyone wishes to taste the truth,  but how many of us really have the balls to stand the bitter taste? I wonder I had an answer then.

Moment of Truth

Next morning was the moment of truth. Mrs. Anji wasn’t really ready to go for the test. Her eyes were swollen and her tears were all dried inside. Her mind was shut and all she could have thought was her days left to live. By that time, her family stood by her. Her daughter, who was hunting for the perfect doctor since the day Cancer crept in, stayed by her side. Finally, the hunt comes to the treasury when she booked in the appointment that day. Her daughter assisted her to the doc for Biopsy. The biopsy is an improvised way of Cancer examination, where the lump in the breast is detected with the help of a metal piece placed in the breast. Then the hardness of the lump is tested with a help of a gunshot. The procedure is a slightly painful, similar to having an injection.  

The test was nothing in front of Mrs. Anji’s willpower. She was ready to take all the pain to get to the root of the problem. She was fearful yet hopeful for something good to happen. She believed in God more than any human and this was her test examination conducted by the one he believed.

Hounding Test

Mrs. Anji has to appear for the test and she was hoping to pass it with flying colors. She has already faced plenty of substantial and emotional tests and she kept on passing each of them with courage. Then what was making Mrs. Anji thoughtful this time?  She had faced the most painful procedure of conceiving three babies through the natural process. I really give me goosebumps to think of facing the pain of delivery even for once. God knows how she managed to do it thrice. Why was she scared then? Every Time I saw her, the question popped into my mind

What made her so helpless? Why was she even scared at all? Was it the fear of pain she shall face ? or Was it the fear of death?

There were thousands of questions roving in her mind. Meanwhile, the nurse shouted her name out

“Get Ready Mrs. Anji, You’re the next!”


She got numbed and without giving a thought, she went into the examination room. The doctor told Mrs. Anji to change her clothes and they got busy with their usual preps. Mrs. Anji, who was numbed a moment before, now started feeling restless. I could hear her swallowing her fear through her throat and like a lifeless body, she lied on the stretcher. She was given anesthesia to make her unconscious. I was standing outside staring the red bulb blinking like a red alert. At that moment, I just wanted everything to end up like a bad dream. To me more hounding part was What if: 

“Reality can destroy the dream. What happens if someday dream sounds scarier?”

The dream was bad, but the reality was worst. I wanted to shut down my mind and reboot it but it got hung up to fear. All I can do is to wait till all the apps & thoughts could get on track. Instead of being remorseful, I try to be resourceful. So I decided that moment only that, this time dream’s gonna destroy the Reality and my dream was to see Mrs. Anji survive and revive to her usual life.

Will she ever get back to her normal life? What will “Normal” mean to her after all this?

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