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Is Stress A Gateway to Breast Cancer?

Daunting Myth

“Stress” its not just a word but it’s a silent killer itself. It is indeed a serial killer because it kills you each moment slowly and steadily. None of us are spared from the horror of “Stress” in our lives.

Stress haunts us in various forms, sometimes its depression, anxiety, nausea, indigestion depending upon oneself. “Stress” itself is really haunting and fear of Cancer (especially Breast Cancer) adds like a cherry on the top.

Is really Stress a major cause of Breast Cancer? Top notch Scientists and researchers are still debating this query. We can be cautious to avoid these fatal diseases but what can be done about stress? Most of the people are not even aware that they are suffering stress disorders. If you are not aware of one disease, then how come you can avoid other. So it means we all have to live in the fear of unknown.

Bewildered Truth

Stress itself is fatal. Every year most of the people died because of stress disorders. If someone is under acute stress, what can go worse than that? Many researchers come up with many theories about stress with so many factors to look at in the relationship between stress and cancer.

It’s very well known that stress affects the immune system, but so do many other things. It is believed by many medical experts that our body gets vulnerable to fatal diseases when the immune system deteriorates. Despite all these beliefs, as per studies, a link between psychological stress and cancer has not been found.

Researchers have done many studies to see if there’s a link between personality, attitude, stress, and cancer. As I have said before that this statement is not 100% correct but the evidence for claiming the Stress to be a cause of Cancer is still weak. No scientific evidence has shown that a person’s stress level or attitude affects their cancer risk. `

While some individual studies have indicated the link between the psychological stress and occurrence of Breast Cancer; others are debating this statement.

Trying to solve the unsolved

Cancer or not , Stress itself is form of slow death. It still can put us under the radar of much more worse diseases like diabetes, obesity, blood sugar, kidney failures, Brain Seizures (usually call fits), Epilepsy, paralysis and threats are infinite. What we can do is to practice a healthy lifestyle, do what we really like and avoid listening to nosy people peeping in your private lives.

Don’t worry, I’ll be soon back with some new and interesting ways of managing Stress and lead a happy life. So don’t forget to like, comment and share this post as your appreciation is my only motivation to write more.

Stay tuned with me and always remember

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It lies within us only….

We shall introspect the right place of its stay

– I, Me & Myself

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