Cancer Blues

Is Cancer A Contagious Disease?


The society treats Cancer Fighters as some virus infected person and they usually disconnect themselves with him/her in fear of catching the disease.

Keep the society people aside, even your own family members tend to develop this fear out of nowhere. the hindrance by the people around us is still bearable, but the unseen distance from your loved ones breaks you a little inside.

Fact 1

Unlike Cough n Cold, Breast Cancer is not Contagious but love certainly is. Breast Cancer doesn’t spread while touching, eating together, sharing the consumables or daily use items.  In fact, the Cancer Fighters require more love, care, and support to happily survive the sufferings. Cancer itself is not transmissible, but if go deep in science, there are some viruses & bacterias that may cause the development of the Cancer inside the human body.

If Cancer is a virus, Love is a vaccine!

Fact 2

So, it’s advisable to avoid harmful viruses and not the people themselves. Some of the common viruses include HPV virus (sexually transmitted virus, can cause cervical cancer & others) and Hepatitis B or C (sexually transmittance or usage of infected IV needles, can cause liver cancer).

People shall be cautious for using protection methods while intercourse and using fresh needles for dispatching blood samples. Personal hygiene can avoid developing the disease.

Fact 3

If we talk about the spread of Cancer, then it could be transferable under the circumstance of Tissue/Organ Transplantation. If the recipient receives the organ/tissue from the donor with Cancer history, then he/she is more prone to develop Cancer.

The doctors shall pay special heed while transferring organs/tissues, that the donor must not have any history of Cancer. The donor shall be disease free, at least the history of fatal diseases shall be cross verified with the family of the donor. 

We cannot direct the wind,

But we can only adjust the sails

Cancer fighters need your love and acceptance the most to succeed in the battle against life. Don’t treat your own family members as untouchables as Cancer doesn’t spread like cough. Stay with your family, motivate them, eat with them and share little happiness and you see your family member recovering at double the pace. 

With Love 


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